Monster Buck Club

Monster Buck Club

Hunting Trophy Whitetail Deers


Monster Bucks

Monster Bucks are the favorite hunts for many Buck Hunters. During the rut season, abundant deer are available for hunting. However, hunters are reluctant to shoot the antlerless deers. Trophy bucks are preferred as they are matured with fully grown antlers.

Boone and Crockett score is used to measure a buck's score for hunting. Monster Buck hunters target for a buck with a BC score of 160 to 185. Online scoring charts are available for measuring typical and non-typical whitetail deers. Hunters target monster bucks that might be having BC score more than 80.

The maturity of the buck depends on age, nutrition, and season. Monster bucks flourish in the areas with a mix of water bodies, rivers, farms, and thick forests. Illinois, Iowa, Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Kentucky, and Michigan are some of the favorite states to find monster bucks. These states reported record number of bucks that meet the Boone and Crockett scores.

Monster Bucks Hunting

Whitetail Deer

Monster Bucks Whitetail

Monster bucks of whitetail deer family are common in the USA. Biggest racks can be found on the whitetail that measure around 333 and a 47 pointer. Hunters are excited to get the monster bucks without the pressure of buck fever.

The rut or mating season is the prime time to find the monster bucks. The rut is the time when the bucks are most active and least attentive. Rut season changes every year and is different in different states. The Department of Natural Resources determines the rut duration for a given area.

The behavior of the monster bucks changes during the pre-rut and peak-rut phases. Weather plays a crucial role in the rut behavior. Monster bucks are more likely to be captured during cold temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Deer pressure effects the chance of finding the moster whitetail bucks. Other deer competing and presence of hunters create a pressure on the monster bucks. This will lead to reduced movement and less chances of hunting the game.

Hunt Clubs

Local hunt clubs cater to the needs of buck hunters. However, Monster Buck Hunt Clubs are for experienced hunters to find the trophy bucks. Here are some popular Monster Buck Clubs.

  1. IMB Outfitters, Iowa
  2. Big Buck Outfitters, Kansas
  3. Trophy Deer Hunt, Illinois
  4. Campbell Illinois Whitetails, Illinois
  5. Recordbuck Ranch, Texas
  6. Double Droptine Ranch, Oklahoma
  7. Ohio Sportsman Outfitters, Ohio
  8. Legends Ranch, Michigan
  9. Wilderness Whitetails, Wisconsin
  10. Midwest Whitetail Adventures, Kansas

Monster Buck Clubs offer over the counter deer tags if available. Hunters plan the hunting adventures based on the rut season in each area. Advance reservation is recommended in the Monster Buck Clubs.

Monster Bucks Hunt Club


Monster Buck Clubs offer certain accesories to rent or purchase. Hunters are expected to be prepared for the season to get a trophy buck. Here are some tips for hunting the monster bucks.

  • Scout the area ahead multiple times.
  • Practice shooting with the current rifle planned to use.
  • Plant the trail cameras to observe the buck movement.
  • Capture the locations the targetted buck travels.
  • Use mobile phone applications such as Hunt Wise.
  • Check the wind speed to know the scent direction.
  • Have offline maps handy in case of no mobile phone signals.
  • Leave the marking trails on the map to get back to the truck with the game.
  • Use the hunting stands for better visibility and good shots.
  • Learn the buck body language.
  • Acquire sophisticated gear for hunting trophy bucks.

Monster Bucks Hunt Club Tips